EnSo is a social enterprise based in the UK working internationally with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Being a social enterprise for EnSo means delivering commercially successful work that also achieves environmental and social impact (EnSo)…

EnSo works to develop and implement projects that respond to complex challenges – in ways that are sustainable over the long term.  The environmental aspect of our work includes a focus on clean and renewable energy, both for commercial and domestic consumers – particularly in Kenya and Malawi.   We aim to make a positive social impact through initiatives that bring together technology and capital to create opportunities for employment and enterprise.

Our approach to project design is systemic.  This means taking time to understand a problem in depth in order to come up with the appropriate response.  In our experience complex problems cannot usually be fixed with simple solutions – this is why systems thinking is an integral part of our approach.

EnSo designs and delivers leadership programmes using the ‘Adaptive Leadership’ framework developed by Ron Heifetz at Harvard University. We are proud to partner with our colleagues at Adaptive Change Advisors on our leadership work.

EnSo also undertakes consultancy work – through our network we are able to draw upon a wide range of expertise and talent including organisational change, monitoring and evaluation, impact investing and programme design.