Making Tea Greener
Sustainable Energy for Kenya Tea
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Safe kitchens.
Save lives.
Solar Energy for Cleaner Safer Kitchens in Kenya
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Improving Seed Drying and Storage for Reforestation
Innovative solar thermal technology for food and forestry sector
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Working to Deliver Positive Social Impact Create Better Opportunities Deliver Systemic Change Combine Technology & Capital

What We Do

Project Design and Delivery​

Developing and implementing projects – from initial concept, through fundraising and final delivery.

Identifying innovative low-carbon technologies and connecting them to market opportunities.

Leadership Development​

Strengthening impact through leadership development programmes.


Providing consultancy services on project development, fundraising, monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Our Projects

In our experience complex problems cannot usually be fixed with simple solutions

Our Partners

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Trevor Rees Headshot
Trevor Rees is the Founder and Managing Director of EnSo Impact.  Trevor has worked with issues of leadership and sustainability for more than 25 years, including in senior positions in international organisations in the role of strategic partnerships and business development.  Prior to establishing EnSo, Trevor worked for 8 years as the Head of Development for the Rockefeller Foundation Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Programme, coordinating large scale climate-change projects and managing key corporate relationships. Over the course of his career, Trevor has coordinated environmental policy consultations in Eastern Europe, managed giant-clam conservation projects, led leadership programmes for global banks, and worked as an environmental educator in the UK and Costa Rica. Trevor has a degree in Environmental Management from Manchester University he is an associate of Adaptive Change Advisors and served for six years as a Trustee of INTRAC.   

Trevor Rees

FounDER & Managing Director

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